Wonder Work Studios is known for creating custom 3d Foam Signs that will not only get your business noticed, but will make you the landmark of the town! We are now experimenting with new & creative LED Lit Plexi Box Displays. This is the next level of eye catching advertising that will make standard channel letters a thing of the past. Let WonderWorksStudios create an elite Identity where uniqueness and customization are STANDARD. Your new sign is a consultation away.




Led Bottle Cap 3D Foam Sign/Prop

This Cap changes colors, flashes, fades, morphs and dances!

3d Floating Foam Sign

This was made to float in the lake that you see in the background. It was set up in the grass for the 4th of July firework show.

3d Foam Sign

In progress Foam Core Bottle Cap


Before Reinvisioning

3d Foam Sign

After Reinvisioning

3d Foam Sign

Foam Core Entry Sign

3d Foam Microscope

Enlarged Microscope for Billboard Display

3d Foam Sign bilboard

Final Display with Microscope Attached

3D Foam Car for Display

Raw Foam Car Form

3d Foam Sign

Final Display for Car

3d Foam Sign

Same Form Different Paint Job

3d Foam Sign

Simple but Effective “Speed Zone” Chevron Seal