Wonder Work Studios specializes in developing the best and most unique Themed Environments, Stage Sets, 3-Dimensional Signage, and Larger-Than-Life Props at an ALWAYS affordable and competitive cost.

When considering a foam based sculpture or themed environment it is important that all decision makers involved understand that the material is infinitely formable! Meaning the Possibilities are TRULY endless. The EPS foam, while lightweight and sturdy, still needs a final touch to breath life into the objects.

Working from renderings approved by the client the artist caps the job off with a brilliance of airbrushed color and highlights that accurately capture the look and feel the client defines! The “Ideation” phase is fun and will ultimately define the quality of the finished product so progress check-ins along the way and in the early stages of rendering will make the experience one of a kind for both WWS staff and clients alike! Renderings done in person, on location by our artist on staff with client present is highly preferred as nothing compares to rendering ideas for a space from within the space! Contact us today to get your project started!


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