Howdy Partner, Ya’ll come on in and visit another Wonder Work Studios project!  This one includes a big dose of southern welcome and hospitality!  Cottonwood Creek Church in Allen, Texas (just outside of Dallas) asked us to help them meet their goal of welcoming the next person through their doors with a friendly and engaging space that would put people in a relaxed frame of mind, help them escape the minutia of life and open their hearts to worship and learning more about Jesus.  What could be more welcoming than two giant realistic trees with a custom Creek Kids nature mural?

Cottonwood recently moved their Children’s NEXT Kids Ministry to the first floor and wanted that welcome to be evident the minute folks stepped through the doors.  Wonder Work Studios designed and created two Ten Feet Tall Trees with a giant Canopy of leaves (because everything is big in Texas!) and a Gorgeous Outdoor themed Wall Mural that features a Captivating Creek and the warmth of God’s love streaming through the trees. The mural is brought to life via photoshop and over 100 different layers.  The trees feature realistic bark and a broad canopy of sheltering leaves to gather under!  It was our pleasure to spend time in Texas with these gracious folks and to help participate in their goal of “Growing our Ministry and Reaching Kids with the Gospel.”  It warms our heart to see on their website that they have welcomed over 1,000 new first time visitors since October!




Before Trees


outdoor muralFaux Bark


Giant Fake Tree


Treehouse TreeEpoxy TreeMural NatureAmazing faux tree


beautiful tree