Wonder Work Studios was asked to take part with Nationwide Displays in the creation of a traveling exposition booth for International Delights. This booth was to showcase some of International Delight’s new products called Spread Delights.   These new spreads included a raspberry jam, a chocolate hazelnut, and an almond spread. So naturally, for this 2018 expo booth, the commission was to create larger than life raspberries, almonds, hazelnuts, and chocolate chunks!
All fruits, nuts, and chocolate were to be placed in a clear cube display and each piece had to be around six inches each while keeping the total weight down as low as possible due to the fact that this booth must be broken down and shipped all over the country. Take a look at the photos below and let us know what you think! Thanks!
big raspberryFaux ALmondsgiant hazelnutgiant almondinternational delights spread